Pressure Solar Hot Water Collector

Pressure Solar Hot Water Collector
We are professional solar collector factory and supplier in China.We can produce solar collector according to your requirements.More types of solar collector wanted,please contact us right now!


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Model Number:  ONS-SPC01-2((47-1500).
Pressurized solar collector, could assemble on roof and on flat roof, Harmony with the building perfectly. Heat pipe is a kind of copper pipe with inner anti-freezing inorganic working medium, it works well even at an ambient temperature ≤ (-)45 and it possesses characteristics such as long lifespan ( more than 15 years), anti-insolation (250), anti-freezing (-45 ), low start-up temperature (≤30), and a high thermal transmission coefficient (10000 times comparing with pure copper), it is a real special heat pipe suiting to be used in solar field.

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