Non-Pressure Solar Collector

Non-Pressure Solar Collector
We are professional no pressure solar collector factory and supplier in China.We can produce no pressure solar collector according to your requirements.More types of no pressure solar collector wanted,please contact us right now!


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Non-Pressure Solar Collector System.  Model Number: ONS-NC01
1)Inner and outside water tanks shell all are made of SUS3042B food grade stainless steel plates welded by argon arc, water is pure and drinkable.
2)Heat insulation of water tanks adopts polyurethane foam
3)Silicon rings to connect and seal them.
4)The tubes and supports are adjustable, power bearing is average, and can assure the vacuum tubes to last for long time.
5)Whole glass vacuum tubes adopt super hard borax and silica glass.
6)Absorbing rate: 93%, thermoradiation rate: 6%
Resisting 25mm hail, lifetime is 15 years.
7)Temperature when exposed to sun without water: 250, 2.5 hours to boiling if using single tube.
8)If you use electrical appliances to aid heating, to switch off the power supply before bathing
9)Test the water temperature before using, in order to avoid scalding.

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