Solar Tracker SM40M3V15P with backstructure for 15 panels (3,75 kWp)

Solar Tracker SM40M3V15P with backstructure for 15 panels (3,75 kWp)
Sat Control is one of the leading manufacturer of active solar tracking systems in the world. Our customers include utilities, corporations, small businesses and homeowners. Sun Tracer™ are manufactured in the EU. We ship Sat Control Solar Trackers worldwide and work through a network of Strategic Partners, Distributors and Dealers.


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Single axis or dual axis Solar Tracker with accuracy better than 0,5 deg and backstructure for 15 pieces of solar panels dimensions 0,99 m x 1,95 m and weight of 30 kg max each. So together for 25 m2 solar panel surface. A Suitable for PV panels, concentrators - CPV, heliostats. Usage at homes: on-grid at roof on houses, trafic signalisations, street light, cottages, small and large powerplants where solar panels are connected in serial and output is connected directly to inverter or an external charging device. Wind resistance is minimal 130km/h.

Solar tracker anti-shadowing software function included.

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