Kraus & Naimer 16A 650V DC Isolator

Kraus & Naimer 16A 650V DC Isolator
This DC Isolation switch must be used for all PV circuits. Type DC PV Isolating switch's are necessary to turn power off PV systems under load. Without these type of switch's, there is a real time risk of electrical shock. Suitable for PV installations.


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Kraus & Naimer 16A 650V DC Isolator

2 Pole  DC Isolator

  • Kraus & Naimer Blue Line
  • Switchgear DC disconnector for specifically designed to solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply system
  • Plastic enclosure, Protection IP66/67, totally insulated, knock out entries
  • Black handle and contrasting escutcheon plate, OFF position lockable with padlocks, cover coupling with interlock

These provide a safe method of isolation from DC voltages from PV System arrays.

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