Saulės elektrinių kabelis Solar 1x4 mm2. Juodas. 500m.

Saulės elektrinių kabelis Solar 1x4 mm2. Juodas. 500m.
Juodas cilindrinis kabelis Solar 1x4 mm2,  skirtas saulės elektrinėms, atsparus UV. Ritėse po 500m. Kaina be PVM.


Sumažinta kaina! € 400.00 be mok. € 200.00 be mok.

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Key advantages:

  • *  UV resistant dedicated for professional PV solar systems
  • *  highly resistant to atmospheric conditions, radiation and abrasion
  • *  wide operating temperature range for extreme weather conditions
  • *  the cable has a superior flexibility for use in high mechanical load
  • *  compliant with the RoHS directive and REACH regulation
  • *  halogen-free, does not generate corrosive or toxic gases, if burned
  • *  highly flame-resistant and low smoke emissions

Technical Data:

Product PV Solar Cable
Flexible tinned conductor Class 5 - DIN EN 60228
Short-circuit strength Up to 200°C/5s
Hot Set Test At 200°C
Hot Pressure Test Up to 140°C
Long-term behaviour Test 20.000h at 120°C
Voltage Test (online test) 10kV
Nominal Voltage [U0/U] AC 0.6/1.0kV
AC Voltage Test 6.5kV
Possible Voltage up to 1.8 kV (conductor/conductor, not grounded system, unloaded circuit)
Highly resistant to Acid, lye, ozone and UV
Halogen Free
Temperature range -40°C up to +90°C (fixed)
Maximum temp. at the conductor +120°C
Hot set test at 250°C
AC Voltage resistance [increase 2 kV / 5 min] > 30 kV
Insulation resistance at 20°C > 800 MOhmkm
Insulation resistance at 90°C > 50 MOhmkm
Sea water resistant Yes
Temperature range fixed: -50°C up to +150°C | moved: -25°C up to +125°C
Minimum bending radius fixed: 5 x diameter | moved: 10 x diameter

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