Solutronic SOLPLUS 120

Solutronic SOLPLUS 120
The SOLPLUS 120 are new cost- and space-optimised inverter with universal benefits to the customers. They have been designed for installations in the 8 – 14 kW range. 3 module strings, each with its own MPP tracker, can be connected to the SOLPLUS 120 inverters.


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3 Phase - 3 Tracker - IP 65,  98% efficiency.
Use of the very latest components, optimum MPPT control and a special switching principle guarantee great inverter efficiency. In the first test runs, we have succeeded in achieving a maximum efficiency level of 98%. And the European efficiency rating of 97.3% is also far higher the market average.

When it comes to communication, every inverter is equipped not only with a display, but also two M12 plug-in connectors that can be used to network several SOLPLUS inverters by means of a RS485 interface and also to retrieve the data of the inverter using a PC. And it goes without saying that a data logger, annual energy logger as well as a fault and alarm memory are integrated in our software.

Remote monitoring using TCP/IP protocol.
Direct and inexpensive remote access is guaranteed by the Ethernet port built into each inverter and by the integrated web browser. The Ethernet port can also be used for graphical monitoring of the yield with the aid of Solutronic's own graphics software SOLPLUS+.
This facilitates reliable, cost-effective and fast retrieval of the inverter data at any time and from any place

Lightweight, compact and IP65
Weighing in at under 40 kg, the SOLPLUS 120 are one of the most compact inverters in its class. Thanks to its IP65 enclosure, it is ideally suited for protected outdoor use. The cover of the enclosure is lockable and a lock can also be fitted to the enclosure itself to prevent theft.

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