SMA Sunny Tripower 10000 TL

SMA Sunny Tripower 10000 TL
Through an asymmetrically dimensioned multistring input combined with a broad input voltage range and a maximum DC voltage of 1,000 V, as well as an extremely large MPP voltage range of 150 to 800 V. With just one inverter you get a high degree of module compatibility and seamless construction that exactly meets the required number of modules.


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Maximum efficiency of 98.2 %.
Best tracking efficiency with OptiTrac MPP tracking by SMA.
Bluetooth communication.
Triple protection with Optiprotect:
Electronic string fuse.
Self-learning string failure detection.
DC surge arrester (Type II) can be integrated.
DC input voltage up to 1 000 V.
Integrated grid management functions.
Custom plant design with Optiflex.
Three-phase feed-in.
Cable connection without tools.
SUNCLIX DC plug-in system.
Easily accessible connection area.

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