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Sunways solar inverter PT 30k, series (outdoor version)

Sunways solar inverter PT 30k, series (outdoor version)
Thanks to their proven HERIC ® topology, Sunways PT Solar Inverters achieve a maximum efficiency of 98 percent – exceptional in their output class. As transformerless central inverters, these reliable products are designed for operation with highly cost-efficient, large-scale photovoltaic systems. Their three-phase grid feed-in occurs symmetrically and is therefore particularly stable.


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Performance Technology with an output of 30.000 and 33.333 W.
1000 V input voltage optimally exploits high system voltages in solar generators, consequently enabling cost-efficient planning.
Lightweight and compact, 155-kg device for fast, straightforward installation.
All-in-one technology: state-of-the-art communication options fitted as standard.

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