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Nice Sun NCS-6BP 250W ( 6 diodų technologija )

Nice Sun NCS-6BP 250W  ( 6 diodų technologija )
 NICE SUN generates very reliable solar power for on-grid and off-grid, residential and utility-scaled solar power system. Our crystalline photovoltaic modules are designed and manufactured to comply with very strict international quality standards. Our strong design and production efforts maximize our modules’ power while minimize the space that our systems use by our 25-year warranty output.


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1. The high-performance solar cells made by Nice Sun guarantee the quality of modules.
2. Unique design ensures easy installation and operation.
3. Better mechanical strength and static loading (5400Pa).
4. Low iron tempered glass with high transmittance.
5. Bypass diode protects the modules from hot-spot effect.
6. Passed the IEC61215 & IEC61730 performance test which ensure the reliability of the modules.
7. Reliable product warranty and performance warranty.

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