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Jinko JKM 250 Poly

Jinko JKM 250 Poly
Modules are produced with nanotechnology - based silicon ink and processing platform and are awarded with certificates from recognized institutes including UL, CSA, CEC, TÜV, VDE, MCS and CE.


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High module conversion efficiency (up to 15.27%), through superior manufacturing technology.
Anti-reflective coating improves light absorption and reduces surface dust.
Excellent performance in low-light irradiance environment.
Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascals).
High salt mist and ammonia resistance.

Manufacturer Part No -    JKM250P             
Cell Type  -   Poly crystalline             
Rated Power  -   250W             
Width  -   992mm             
Height  -   1650mm             
Thickness (mm)  -   45mm             
Vmpp (V) -    30.4V             
Connector Type  -   MC4             
Module Efficiency (%) -    15.27%.

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